This is a no-touch hand hygiene dispensing system that brings back into use the traditional bar of soap in an innovative and smart new way. Employing a grinder to dispense granules onto the hands, each small bar offers up to 300 washes. There is no waste and the non-fatty-acid soap leaves no residue.

The solid handwash refill reduces the CO2 footprint with no transportation of excess water and less packaging than any liquid handwash refill. It requires zero plastic packaging, thereby eliminating hard to recycle handwash packaging from washroom operations. The system also benefits from zero product waste, in fact 100 percent of the solid handwash refill is used compared to closed liquid handwash dispensers where up to 25 percent of the product can remain unused on disposal. It is energy efficient and features a rechargeable battery. Diversey – A Solenis Company won the prestigious Amsterdam Innovation Award for its LESSEAU® NO-Touch bar soap dispenser and refills.