Sustainable and effective cleaning has never been easier with the introduction of the new rMicrofibre™ wipe from Chicopee – the first 100 percent microfibre and 100 percent recycled disposable wipe, which is said to achieve 99.97 percent bacteria removal using just water.

Filling a crucial gap in the cleaning market with the increasing demand for sustainable wiping solutions and the surge in touchscreen technology in facilities, rMicrofibre is designed to provide maximum cleaning effectiveness in high-risk and high-traffic areas while supporting users in their sustainability goals. Designed for short-term use to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, the disposable rMicrofibre eliminates the need for laundering and the hygiene risks associated with reusable wipes, which cannot guarantee the removal of unseen bacteria after being washed.

Made with 100 percent recycled PIR and PCR fibres, rMicrofibre stands out as a pioneer in fully recycled microfibre disposable wipes, reducing the carbon footprint of the wipe and giving a new life to recycled materials. Unlike alternatives in the market, which do not contain 100 percent recycled materials and lack pure microfibre, including blends with viscose that compromise performance, rMicrofibre remains unrivalled, ensuring sustainable and superior cleaning.

In line with Chicopee’s existing Microfibre range, the primary applications for rMicrofibre are in high touch points or in high-traffic areas prone to cross-contamination.

This includes workspaces, healthcare facilities, airports, hotels and restaurants, targeting surfaces such as door handles, touchscreens, monitors, glass and stainless steel.

The fibres in rMicrofibre act as a magnetic force, trapping and removing bacteria in the damp cloth, which is certified to remove 99.97 percent of bacteria with just water, but can also be paired with chemicals depending on the user’s preferred cleaning regime.

By splitting the fibres into ‘micro’ fibres that are >80 percent finer than reusable microfibre, rMicrofibre achieves superior surface contact to mechanically remove bacteria and dirt that get trapped in the fibre. The positively charged nature of the fibres attracts bacteria, dirt and dust, which, being negatively charged, are drawn towards, and effectively retained by, the cloth.

The introduction of rMicrofibre follows Chicopee’s 200th anniversary, underscoring the company’s legacy in safeguarding people and maintaining cleanliness in diverse sectors, including healthcare, hygiene and food markets.

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