Cleaning Africa Services became the first contract cleaning company in South Africa to commit to applying for PBEH designations for all their staff members holding SAQA cleaning qualifications.

This is indeed a significant and positive move towards continuous personal development in the professional cleaning industry as previously, contract cleaning companies applied for designations only for those learners/staff members who had participated in PBEH learnership programmes.

The formal Hygiene Controller designation certificate presentation formed part of Cleaning Africa Services’ Cleaning Level 1 ceremony that took place at the company’s premises on 9 December 2023 in Johannesburg.

Qualifying staff members and guests were welcomed by the company’s Managing Director, Patrick Nndwamato, who stressed the significance of continuous personal development. Also in attendance were PBEH Chairman, Arthur Bath, and Administrator, Felicity Kent.

Applying for and being awarded a PBEH designation denotes that the staff member automatically becomes a member of the Professional Body for Environmental Hygiene. In addition, all PBEH members receive direct electronic communication from the professional body.

Part of Cleaning Africa Services’ commitment was that the company will ensure that their staff possessing designations participate in CPD programmes during the membership year. They will ensure that this participation earns the staff member sufficient CPD points during the
year to keep their competence current and retain their designation for the following membership year.

The PBEH is committed to expanding the range of CPD programmes it offers to its members. Where applicable, the CPD programmes will align with the learning material that the body has developed for the latest SAQA Registered Occupational Qualifications.