Innovation comes in small packages, as Hako proves with its new Scrubmaster B5 scrubber-dryer. Featuring Hako’s state-of-the-art Delta Cleaning System, the Scrubmaster B5 sets a new benchmark for the cleaning of small and difficult-to-reach areas. At the heart of the Scrubmaster B5 is its ultra-flat triangular or delta-shaped cleaning head, which enables cleaning close to walls, deep into corners and under furniture and other barriers. With a ground clearance of as little as 120 mm, and extreme maneuverability, it effortlessly cleans areas previously only accessible with a hand mop.

Design benefits include:
• Orbital scrubbing, for faster and better cleaning results.
• Neutral forward drive, so that little physical effort is required to approach narrow areas precisely and with ease.
• The operating handle effortlessly swivels in all directions thanks to the integrated relief spring and actuated ball, making it easy to clean under tables, counters and furniture.
• A clearly arranged control panel, which simplifies operation.
• The lithium-ion battery, which has a battery charge indicator, fits exactly on the delta shape of the cleaning head, and is changed quickly and without tools.

The Scrubmaster B5, which has a working width of 430 mm, is designed for low water and fuel consumption, reducing its environmental impact. Silent mode is available for those noise-sensitive areas.

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