High staff turnover means wasted time, wasted training resources and ultimately reduced profit. Many organisations, from hotels to launderettes to small cleaning businesses would do well to retain their cleaners. Although at first glance they may seem easily replaceable, constantly replacing them can be costly.
This is why this International Cleaners Day, celebrated on 15 June, Unilever Professional acknowledged the importance of over 150 cleaners, to not only give them the rare chance of being valued but to also provide cleaning business owners with products it believes are effective in disinfecting and cleaning their business and are gentle on their workers and the environment.

Initially evolved from the International Day of Justice for Cleaners and Security Guards, today International Cleaners Day draws attention to the important work of cleaners and janitors worldwide in supporting the health and well-being of businesses and facilities.
Unilever Professional believes that cleaners matter and has sought to understand the concerns of cleaners as vital players in the cleaning industry. The corporate leg of the internationally recognised brand also believes that the concerns of both cleaners and their employers can be met through mutually beneficial approaches.

Following a study conducted on cleaner satisfaction, this is what Unilever Professional found:

Cleaners take pride in their work and appreciate positive feedback

Financial incentives, either quarterly or annually, for the cleaners with the best customer reviews could encourage a higher level of job satisfaction. As the owner, their increased productivity and morale will also leave your clients satisfied.

Cleaners appreciate effective products that are not harmful to them

Although in 2021, Mordor Intelligence reported a steady increase in environmentally conscious products, the market remains small. This means that harmful chemicals remain prevalent in many cleaning products, putting cleaners in the professional cleaning industry at risk of experiencing negative effects on their skin and respiratory tract as reported by studies from several entities over the years such as the
American Lung Association.
Poor quality products can also lead to longer hours in the workplace to achieve the same results that effective products can produce in less time with minimal effort. This leads to frustration as cleaners have less recreational time, often exhausted from strenuous attempts to meet clients’ desired outcomes. However, products such as those offered by Unilever Professional are powerful yet delicate on the skin and cost-effective, especially because many of the brand’s offerings, such as Domestos and Handy Andy, can be used on multiple surfaces.

They aspire to develop in their career

Often, many cleaners leave the industry due to a lack of mobility in their field. Creating an organisational structure within their department will also create a sense of achievement when certain cleaners are promoted for their consistent efforts. If financially feasible, investing in qualifications in the field or business management will also reap skilled and confident employees who can contribute to business growth.

These are only a few changes, attainable for both small and large businesses, that can be implemented to develop mutually beneficial results for both you and your cleaners. For a robust retainment plan, a human resource consultant can provide a long-term solution catered to your business’ needs. Jeffrey Madkins, brand manager for the brand said, “We are wholeheartedly committed to businesses in providing solutions for their pressing needs, but we are also deeply interested in the concerns of cleaners, which form a large amount of employed people in the country, who perform a much-needed work that was never more evident than during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.”