Efficient facility cleaning requires a combination of machines, cleaning robots and manual tools to achieve the best hygienic result optimising consumption with both economic and environmental benefits.

This is the premise behind the announcement of a strategic partnership between TTS and Kärcher in which the two companies are joining forces and pooling resources and capabilities in order to offer customers around the world their wide range of products and services in the future.

With the TTS Equipment, Kärcher complements its portfolio of solutions for building cleaning and continues to position itself as a full-range supplier. TTS benefits from Kärcher’s
worldwide brand awareness and comprehensive product range and, thus, expands its market position.

TTS specialises in professional manual equipment, and designs ergonomic and effective solutions for any environment such as hospitality, healthcare and high traffic areas.

Marco Cardinale, Vice President: Floor Care Solutions at Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG, explains, “we already offer products in the manual tools sector, but with the participation in TTS, we will complete and strengthen our portfolio. TTS will act as our competence centre managing the supply chain for manual tool equipment.”

The close co-operation is not only a good idea from an organisational point of view; the two family businesses also pursue a similar strategy in terms of corporate management.

Currently, TTS Cleaning S.R.L. is making the transition to the second generation, with an even stronger focus on the future development of the company.

Renato Zorzo, CEO and owner of TTS Cleaning S.R.L., said, “with Kärcher, we have found a strong partner to rise our brand visibility opening up new markets and channels, expand production and increase our competitiveness. In addition, we can now combine our innovative approach to manual tools with innovative cleaning technology from Kärcher.”

TTS and Kärcher pursue a similar strategy in terms of both organisation and management, which lays the basis for a winning partnership that is set to revolutionise the cleaning world.

For clear allocation and good market visibility, Kärcher and TTS have decided on a co-branding approach with both logos as seen in the image above.

Watch the TTS and Kärcher collaboration video here