Durban-based company Hawk Pumps specialises in the production of high-pressure cleaning equipment and accessories, offering a wide range of heavy duty drain, tube and sewer nozzles. Director Gavin Pote explains that these nozzles are specifically designed for use in drain-cleaning applications, using high-pressure water flow and powerful cleaning capabilities. “The nozzles are available in a range of sizes and models, with different flow rates and pressure levels to suit different drain-cleaning needs. Knowing which nozzle to use for your blockage is key”.

Static (bomb) nozzles

These nozzles are best used for clearing blockages and greasy deposits lining pipes in drain and sewer cleaning. They are egg-shaped, giving them their moniker of ‘bomb’ nozzles. A hose is attached to the back end, and a solid stream jet fitted to the front. Three to six solid stream jets surround the hose, facing backwards and outwards, in a cone pattern. Bomb nozzles are used in pipes from 40mm diameter domestic pipes (using 15 l/min pumps) to 900mm storm water ones (200+ l/min) at pressures up to 200 bar.

The reaction of the rear jets pulls the hose through the blocked pipe, while the front jet cuts into any blockage, allowing the bomb to pass through. Once through, the rear jets force the offending material to disintegrate and wash out of the pipe. At the same time, the rear jets wash greasy deposits from the interior walls of the pipe, as is typically the situation for hotels, restaurants and hospitals. The bomb nozzles have been used to large success in many cases, including for eThekwini Municipality in clearing storm water drains and blockages.

Flat (wedge) nozzles

These nozzles are most often used for removing sand from storm water drains. They have a row of solid stream jets in the rear, which push the nozzle along the bottom of the drain until it reaches the sand blockage. The wedge shape rides up the sand, allowing the rear jets to fluidise the sand and wash it backwards.

Spinning nozzles

Spinning nozzles are most used to clean tubes in heat exchangers, such as in boiler tubes. Where there is scale build-up in these systems, the heat transfer becomes inefficient, which can lead to higher energy use and poor performance. The spinner nozzles are effective at removing scale from the interior of pipes, as the barrel of the nozzle spins at a high velocity, pumping water from sideways, and backwards, facing holes. This washes the debris backwards. Spinning nozzles come in many variations, each suited to a different system.

A wide range for any need

One of the key advantages of Hawk Pumps’ nozzles is their versatility. These nozzles can be used to clean a wide range of drains, including kitchen sinks, toilets, and sewers. They can also be used to remove blockages and debris in pipes and other drain systems. In addition, to drain cleaning, Hawk have a range of nozzles for different high pressure cleaning applications, such as cleaning surfaces and equipment, as well as graffiti removal.

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