Hako Machines UK has joined ForestNation and its ‘You Plant, We Plant’ initiative as part of its environmental pledge to be a net zero company by 2023. Its involvement in the scheme, which see new trees planted in Tanzania that are cared for and harvested by local villagers, was launched at the IMHX exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC with branded tree kits given to visitors so they could plant a tree of their own.

Managing Director Sylvie Giangolini said, “I discovered ForestNation while speaking at the Manufacturing Expo and was immediately taken with what they are trying to achieve. As important as our environmental pledge is, to also contribute to the growth and economy of these small villages in Tanzania was a great opportunity”. For every tree kit given out, the company will plant ten trees in the Hako Machines Ltd Forest in a developing region of Tanzania to reforest Mother Earth and help create sustainable livelihoods for people that need it most. Sylvie added, “We already have over 10,000 seedlings being nurtured to plant in our forest, which potentially reforests ten hectares of land, and we’re only just getting started! These will be planted towards the end of the year with the villagers actively protecting the forest from fires and trimming the trees in the event of heavy rainfalls for the next five years. “Our forest will be in the Eastern and Western Usambara Mountain Ranges, where heavy deforestation has ruined the livelihoods of many locals. By providing seedlings to families to plant on their farms, once matured, the trees will produce a regular harvest, yielding food and potential income.”
By cultivating 100 mature fruitbearing trees such as peach or avocado in the Hako Machines Ltd Forest, Tanzanian growers can earn an income of $173 and yield 10 tons of oxygen per year. Plus, it will offer employment to 200 women year-round and up to 800 women seasonally as well as empower students who visit the nurseries regularly to learn about horticulture and botany

ForestNation is a for-profit sustainable business offering products and services that unite environmental, social and commercial goals while empowering individuals and organisations to reforest the planet and reconnect to nature.

For more information on ForestNation and the Hako Machines Ltd Forest, visit https:// forestnation.com/net/forests/hako-machines-ltd/.