Essity has extended its partnership with UNICEF in Mexico for an additional three years. The agreement calls for the two organisations to promote proper hand hygiene among children and young people in Mexico. Essity and UNICEF in Mexico will also increase dialogue about menstruation with adolescents to help dispel social taboos. Essity has partnered with the non-profit to promote such initiatives since 2016 as part of the company’s Hygiene is Our Right programme.

“I have seen how Hygiene is Our Right has contributed to breaking taboos surrounding menstruation by involving both boys and girls in conversations around periods and engaging local municipalities in the improvement of hand hygiene facilities,” said Joséphine Edwall Björklund, Essity senior vice president of communications. “By extending our partnership with UNICEF for another three years, we are set to increase wellbeing and equality among children and young people in Mexico even further.”