Although the Coronavirus Pandemic has dissipated, and we no longer need to wear face masks in the workplace, the cold and flu season has returned in full force. Therefore, practising good hand hygiene is of the utmost importance to minimise the spread of bacteria and germs, thereby reducing absenteeism in the workplace, says Richard Scott, Sales Director at Hyvest Group.

With the remaining COVID-19 restrictions repealed, our social life will increase and return to some form of normality, and poor hygiene practices will also return. The current rate of absenteeism costs South African businesses approximately 19–25 billion Rand per annum, which places an enormous strain on an already stressed economy.

One of the best hygiene practices is to clean and disinfect all surface areas such as computers, printers, keyboards, coffee stations, boardrooms as well as any other equipment or areas that staff use collectively. betasan™ manufactures larger dispensing variations for use in supermarkets, gyms, airports, where there is higher volume foot traffic, to ensure peace of mind when utilising these facilities. The betasan™ All Purpose Sanitiser Wipes are 70 percent alcohol-based wet wipes for everyday use, to disinfect and sanitise hands as well as surfaces. These wipes rapidly and effectively disinfect and sanitise hands and surfaces without leaving the skin feeling dry. The solution has a residual effect and will remain active on a surface for hours.

The betasan™ All Purpose Sanitiser Wipes featuring a 70 percent alcohol-based content formula has four SABS approvals, (SANS 409,1853,1828 and 51650) to kill 99.9 percent  of known pathogens. In order to meet the respective needs of our clients, the All Purpose Sanitiser Wipes are available in four capacity variations including 80-, 200-, 500- and a 1,000-wipe bucket. At betasan™ we urge all business owners, managers and employers to do their part in helping to prevent the spread of germs that cause absenteeism amongst staff and customers. This can be achieved by simply wiping common surfaces and equipment with a betasan™ All Purpose Sanitiser Wipe to ensure that these surfaces are disinfected and sanitised at all times, further showing staff and customers that your company takes pride in looking after their health and hygiene whilst visiting your establishment.

Reduce absenteeism in the workplace and remember – beta health, beta hygiene, betasan™.

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