The cleaning and hygiene sector can unlock significant growth by using digital solutions that enable them to deliver more value across their physical and online environments, according to PRP Solutions’ CEO Kriya Govender.

Productivity and operational efficiency are best achieved with an intelligent, cloud-based ecosystem that integrates the digital environment and empowers teams with the tools to enhance their job function. It’s about having accurate information in real-time while automating the administrative tasks that hamper productivity and people-driven transformations that could revitalise operational processes. It’s about freeing specialists to do what they do best!

PRP Solutions’ Honeycomb solution enables centralised, automated and highly optimised people resource planning while eliminating manual processes. For companies of any size, it integrates with legacy HR, finance, and operations software/ systems, to deliver a cost-effective, digitised and streamlined intervention. Employee data is easily collected, and exception reports and alerts are sent to managers, enabling real-time decision-making. The solution can be customised to suit any organisational requirement and configured to process payrolls and complex rules for all employees anywhere, and external staffing suppliers. An Employee Toolbox ensures compliance to regulations, company policies, health & safety requirements, and employment contracts, while an employee onboarding tool allows new hires to be onboarded anywhere, efficiently and accurately.

PRP Solutions assists more than 100 clients across industry sectors to efficiently manage over 160,000 employees at over 7,000 diverse workplaces in 18 countries in Africa.

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