“There is no doubt that members are the life blood of any the association. This is no different for the cleaning industry in South Africa”, according to the founder of the Cleaning Association of South Africa (CASA), Clive Damonze.

He believes that when members are fully engaged, they make an association thrive, have an impact, and offer a meaningful experience. He cites his personal experienced as an active member of the ISSA as the motivating factor for the launch of CASA.

Damonze went on to say: It is important for members to grasp and understand the guiding principles of an Association and participate therein. Likewise, an association must understand the needs of its members and demonstrate the support in the required areas.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us the lesson to come together and share our knowledge and mobilise protection protocols to combat the virus and safeguard ourselves as a collective in the facilities industry.

Hence, the establishment by CASA of portfolios consisting of subject matter experts and thought leaders of these focus groups who will engage with members to understand their needs and to see how CASA can support their goals and provide critical solutions to the ever-expanding cleaning industry. It is important that cleaning associations evolve and progress, become more innovative and raise the standards and professionalism of cleaning.

What the industry requires is a proper platform for communication, engagement and collaboration. This must be encouraged and be boosted, with the development of engagement strategies which include all stakeholders, especially those that are new to the facilities industry. This includes engaging with other industry associations that we have not embraced before, such as the facilities management, waste management and pest control industries, etc.

By doing so, we will be able to crowd-source best practices as they may have useful resources and strengths which the cleaning industry can embrace to the benefit of all; of course, taking into consideration that every company has its own confidential trade secrets!

In an artistic world this is what they would call the ‘aesthetics’ of the brand – bringing it to life, making it colourful and beautiful – so much more than just an association. Companies who join CASA will enjoy the benefits of these ‘aesthetics’.

My advice to all is to take a closer look at our industry and view cleaning as an investment in human health and environmental sustainability while increasing the bottom line.

We are committed to make the CASA brand sustainable as an association. Let’s shape the future of the South African professional cleaning industry together.

Join CASA today by visiting our website: www.casa-za.com